POLISH EXTRA BUTTER – true, traditional butter of the highest quality. It is a natural product having a high content needed for the body of minerals and vitamins are present in it large amounts mainly vitamin A, carotenoids and vitamin D and E. Mlekovita Butter is produced from raw material from areas of clean Podlasia – called. “Green lungs Polish.” The raw material is cow’s milk – extra class, which is obtained first-cream. This, in turn, is subjected to a process of churning, which leads to the formation of fat, so that butter manufactured good rozsmarowywało even directly from the fridge. The product, therefore, is mainly characterized by excellent spreadability (regardless of the time of year) and palatability. It contains no fats, and at least 82% milk fat. It has a lubricious, uniform consistency and color.

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Single package: 200 g
Packaging: carton of 50 pcs.
Barcode jeans .: 5900512300108
Barcode summary: 5900512311234
EN VAT: 5%
Shelf life: 28 days


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