kale is a vegetable grown in Poland for a long time, unfortunately it has been forgotten for many years. Fortunately, he has recently returned to the plates of Poles. And it was a great comeback, he stormed into the superfood product group. Thanks to its health-promoting properties it is an indispensable element of every balanced diet.


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Vitamin A – 100g kale covers 100% RDA
Vitamin K – up to 705 μg
Vitamin C – antioxidant potential
Folic acid – 100g kale covers 40% RDA
Calcium – more than milk


Ground kale leaves can be dissolved in cool water, fruit juices or juices from freshly squeezed fruit. It should be remembered that the water used to dissolve the powder can not be hot, because it leads to loss of vitamins and inactivates the enzymes contained in the product.

Minced kale leaves can also be used as an addition to yoghurts, cocktails, smoothies, breakfast cereals, soups and salads.


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