Green MIX brand Zdrowe Pola is a unique combination of the most valuable vegetables: young barley, leaves of kale and parsley (in the proportion of 33% of each ingredient). This green blend combines the best features of selected products – the content of macro- and micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. Raw materials obtained from Polish crops are characterized by high quality and optimal nutritional parameters, and shortening the production and distribution chain causes that the product is fresh and retains most of the nutrients. It’s an excellent addition to juices, smoothies or smoothies.


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INGREDIENTS: Green parsley, Young barley, Leaves of kale


Green MIX can be dissolved in cool water, fruit juices or juices from freshly squeezed fruit. It should be remembered that the water used to dissolve the powder can not be hot, because it leads to loss of vitamins and inactivates the enzymes contained in the product.

Green MIX can also be used as an addition to yoghurts, cocktails, smoothies, breakfast cereals, soups and salads.


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